The IAHD instructor crossover costs $450,00 per person (minimum 4 students) including:

– Full IC (2 day’s)
– Instructor D-Learning
– Instructor Manuals, Instructor Exam, Instructor Fees

No Dive, No Life will be offering an Instructor D-Learning for this IC, which allows candidates to save time and travel expenses by taking advantage of home-study methods. They can start the IC then, for completion of the program with No Dive, No Life’s Instructor Trainer.

Instructor D-Learning is easy; all candidates must do this, ask us for a login code, then go to the IAHD’s web site and click on D-Learning and follow instructions.

Additional cost to train at your location are the flight and 3 day stay for 1 IT.

All rates are in U.S. Dollars.

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