Dry training

Imagine the worst. A traffic accident, a heart attack at work, someone feeling unwell on the street or even worse: something happens to one of your loved ones. Around you people panic. For a second you feel paralysed  Then your training kicks in. You take a breath, take control and do what is needed to safe lives.

image_galleryAt No Dive No Life we train and refresh both divers and non divers in First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen use. As with the diving, we take our time to explain and discuss the theory, go over the skills and play scenarios to make sure the skills will hold even when you’re put under stress. We offer SDI CPROX first aid (half day course as preparation for rescue diver), EFR (full day course as preparation for rescue diver) and DAN Basic Life Support, AED, First Aid, Oxygen Provider, Advanced Oxygen Provider and Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (4-8 hours per course). Interested? Contact us for more information.

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