Apart from being a dive professional, Astrid de Jager is also a professional writer, graphic designer and webmaster. Look here for examples of her writing and designs.
Gooodive is our ‘mother’ company; all professional dive services provided by No Dive No Life are supported by Gooodive.
A small company run by colleague Instructor Trainer Jeffrey Kempf.
A cosy little dive shop close to town, that sometimes uses the services of No Dive No Life.
You can’t do shorediving without a car! Here the car comes with free advise about Bonaires hotspots.
Tired of diving? Try lounging in the lush garden of Wietze’s mountain house. The one bedroom apartment is cooled by a continuous breeze, and the gorgeous view of Bonaire will never bore you. And neither will Wietze’s stories about Bonaire.
All the way back in Holland, Astrid’s mom Lenneke runs a little practice in alternative medicine. Don’t want to travel that far? Don’t worry: she comes to Bonaire twice a year ;-).

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