Top Performance Award, for Dive Inn

Dive Inn, one of the Dive Friends of Bonaire locations, received an important recognition from SDI/TDI/ERDI.
Dive Inn is now a Five-Star Instructor Training Center, approved by Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International. These two organizations named the Dive Inn as an International Training Top Performing Facility for the year 2011.
In the photograph, Chris Verstappen and his partner Astrid de Jager, stand in front of “their” Dive Inn (Dive Friends Bonaire) location. They feel at home at the Dive Inn. Chris and Astrid are very pleased with the award they just received.

Chris, who is said to have gills, explains: “The Dive Inn is a very old Bonairean dive location. In those days it was very beautiful and very popular. Nature was all around and parrots flew over all the time. Then times changed and it became a more or less quiet location. Some years ago Dive Friends Bonaire took over an important part of the organization and started building, improving and expanding. Now the Dive Inn is a comfortable and fully equipped location of Dive Friends of Bonaire with a lot of knowhow on board, a lot of serious dive gear and, of course, our own air compressor.
We present a broad variety of dive courses for beginners to SDI and TDI dive instructors. We are very glad to be an official Five-Star Official Training Center now. This clearly shows its efforts over the years have not been unnoticed by the international diving world!”
Chris and Astrid are privileged and happy persons. They live to dive and they dive to live. Then, again, the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea seduces Chris.
He grabs and controls his private equipment and with some other underwater world admirers he disappears in the ever receptive sea…

Jan Brouwer, The Bonaire Reporter.

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